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Stapled Securityholdings Statistics

As At 21 May 2019

Distribution Of Stapled Securityholdings

Number of Stapled Securities issued: 1,136,746,931

Voting Rights: One vote per Stapled Security

Twenty Largest Securityholders

Statistics of Substantial Stapled Securityholdings as at 21 May 2019


  1. Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited (“Temasek“), Tembusu Capital Pte. Ltd., Bartley Investments Pte. Ltd., Mawson Peak Holdings Pte. Ltd., Glenville Investments Pte. Ltd., TJ Holdings (III) Pte. Ltd., Ascendas-Singbridge Pte. Ltd., JTC Corporation and Ascendas Pte Ltd are deemed to have an interest in the Stapled Securities held by Ascendas Land International Pte Ltd. Temasek is also deemed to have an interest in the Stapled Securities in which other subsidiaries and associated companies of Temasek hold or have deemed interests.

Public Stapled Securityholders

Pursuant to Rule 1207(9) of the SGX-ST Listing Manual, based on the information available to the Managers as at 21 May 2019, approximately 62.8% of the total number of Stapled Securities is held by public. Therefore, Rule 723 of the SGX-ST Listing Manual has been complied with.